Chairman Message


A teacher effects eternity, you can never tell where his influence stops. All great ideas begin with a commitment to the future. It is with a strong commitment to the quest for excellence in this field of education, that we have been providing quality education to the students through our D.H.Lawrence Sr.Sec.School for over four decades .Our education policy and vision is reflected through our efforts to provide modern education through the latest techniques and methodologies. We firmly believe in the dictum that education should provide an integrated personality and help the students imbibe human values. This would help them to become not only citizens.

Teaching is a noble profession and a teacher has the responsibility of shaping the future of the country by guiding and directing the youth of the country.

In education process is the single most important factor responsible for the success, reforms and advancements of the education process.She plays a pivotal role in the teaching-learning process upon whose competency and deficiency the quality of education depends.

Traditionally, a teacher has enjoyed a position of great respect as his role as friend, philosopher and guide. It is through teaching-learning process that society preserves its culture; schools discharge their duties and attain their objectives. It has been rightly remarked that ‘The destiny of India is now being shaped in her classrooms’. Effectively trained teachers are not only better communicators of knowledge and skills but are also source of inspiration and transformers of personalities.
The quality of teaching is a key determinant of the student learning and it further depends in the quality of the people in the teaching profession, their initial teacher education and their continuing professional development, as well as their work practices and working environment.

We, in D.H.Lawrence College Of Education For Women are in the process of grooming teachers who have an unstructured, informal and creative approach to teaching-learning.We treat schooling no longer a preparation for life but life itself.It is our endeavour that our non-structured approach of teaching reflects the globalized cognitive situation.

Our State-of-the-art infrastructure by way of classrooms, auditorium, library and laboratories are in keeping with our vibrant schooling ethos and in its consance 

I desire all our trainees teachers to imbibe our ethos and reinvent their approach to teaching-learning process.

My Best Wishes